Happy Fall!

Whoo. September has been a rough month. With all the fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes that have happened recently, I feel like we are in some kind of apocalyptic novel.

We were very lucky here in Charleston, as Irma was originally forecast to hit us as a category three hurricane. Fortunately, it came in as a […]

The Eclipse!


Can you believe how fast the summer is going by? I wish I’d been able to get out to the beach more, but there has been so much rain! One side benefit of rainy days is lots of time for reading and writing. What’s better than curling up […]

Happy July!

Can you believe it’s July already? Time is going by so fast! I have to admit July hasn’t been the most productive month for me, as I have been struggling with a frozen shoulder. Have you ever experienced that? I hope not. It’s seriously the worst. Basically, it’s an injury/tear in your muscle that […]