My Journey to Big Magic

2015-11-07 07.55.53Hi Everyone!

I finally have another blog up! Hooray! I know it’s been a long time; I have been lost in the world of the Argos Dynasty. 🙂 I am trying to get the book edited and finished so I can get it out to you. It’s been pretty fun, Emma has been stirring up some trouble in Ireland and India, but that is all I am going to say. (Sorry I am a tease I know). If some of you are interested in getting a free copy in exchange for an amazon review let me know and I will put you on my magical reader list. 🙂 You can send me a message over on the contact page.

Since this is Thanksgiving week I thought it was a perfect time to show you a trip I went on recently, that almost didn’t happen. It was one of those things in life that came covered in fairy dust and had magic written all over it. I have come to find out magic doesn’t just hide in books, or in my imagination, sometimes it happens in real life too.

A couple of months ago I won a ticket to a writing workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert. For those of you that aren’t familiar with her she wrote the runaway best seller Eat, Pray, Love. (They even made it into a movie with Julia Roberts). More recently she wrote a book called BIG MAGIC. Anyway, she is one of my favorite authors and when I won this I was so excited I jumped up and down and cried all at the same time.

Unfortunately, I found out a few days later that it only covered the ticket, and I wouldn’t be able to go. It was in Napa Valley, CA and I was in Charleston, SC and I couldn’t afford to get there. So I let it go and hoped maybe something would turn up that would allow me to go. But nothing did.

So what did I do?

I decided I wasn’t go to turn this into a pity party, or something negative. Somebody was meant to go to that event and maybe that was through me. So I offered it to a fellow writer friend, who was thrilled. Regrettably, due to her last minute schedule as a flight attendant, she was unable to go. So I posted on Facebook that I had a free ticket that I wanted to give to someone and everything went bananas. People started offering me money, airlines miles, places to stay, EVERYTHING. It was the biggest outpouring of love I have ever experienced. The love and generosity was so BIG and so amazing that other people became invested in it. They started to say that they were feeling good just because they were a part of it. And what was even more amazing, most of these people, I HAD NEVER EVEN MET.

It was a miracle, it was my BIG MAGIC, it was the reason I went on the trip you are about to watch. This wasn’t just my journey anymore. Because of the outpouring of kindness and support from so many people, this became a story about love, surrender and generosity. I have learned when you release what you want to the universe, and give with a true heart to others it comes back to you a thousand fold. So I recorded this video so everyone could experience my trip with me. The flight, the food, the resort, I put it all down. I hope you enjoy it.

With a grateful heart I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sending you so much Love,


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