Birthdays & Snow!


How is the beginning of the new year treating you guys? I hope you’re doing well and you had a wonderful holiday.

The first few days into 2018 were certainly eventful in my neck of the woods, we had a snowstorm on my birthday! South Carolina hardly ever has snow and Charleston came to a standstill. I had lots of time at home to get editing done, and of course, play in the snow!

I found out Lailah hates the white stuff. To be fair it was taller than she was and she had to jump like a rabbit to get in and out of it. Little pellets of snow stuck to her fur and she became really angry as she tried to pry them off. 🙂 She’s a southern girl, guys, what can I say. lol. Here is a picture of Lailah and I not long after it started snowing. As you can see this isn’t the face of a happy puppy.

I’m still editing RING OF FIRE. I’m more than halfway through the first read, and I’m pleased with it so far. Once I’ve done that I will go back and start fine-tuning it and adding and changing what I need to. I’ve also started fleshing out the upcoming series, but it’s just too new to share anything of that just yet. I’m still in the creation stage on that one.

I hope that 2018 is an amazing year for you. Wishing you all the best. Happy Reading!

Genevieve  Xoxo
Author of the Argos Dynasty Series


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